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Using every and single effort on the continuous development and technological improvement, Quibasa/Bioclin is in evidence in the national scene as one of the companies with the highest growth in the In Vitro Diagnostics segment.


Always investing in our work force and with a coherent enterprise philosophy, the structure of the company has strengthened and created stronger partnerships daily.


Focusing strategically on sustainability, growth, clients satisfaction and continuous improvementment of our products the company had reached 35 years with a history of tradition and acknowledgement in the national and international markets.


Quibasa was founded in 1977 by Dr. Victor Heinrich Arndt who, with his large academic experience, and a Doctor title at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) and post Doctor title by the University of Munch in Germany, transferred his knowledge to the labs’ balconies. After that, growth has never stopped.


Nowadays, investing widely in research and development, Quibasa displays on its portfolio a broad variety of kits with the Bioclin trademark, on ELISA, Biochemistry, Turbidimetry, Rapid Tests, Coagulation, Agglutination, Controls, Calibrators, Hematology, Dyes, Anticoagulant, Cleansing Solutions and Water Quality Controls. We also commercialize High-tech Biochemistry, Hematology and ELISA analysers, counting on a very skilled Scientific Service Team.


With several national and global recognized certifications, Quibasa conquers its own space, guided always by its institutional values – ethics, quality, liability and commitment – working with focus on health improvement, supplying better solutions in diagnostics, because QUALITY is Bioclin’s trademark.